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Luxury Plain Towels

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Our range of luxury plain towels is carefully chosen and designed to bring the best in high quality towels to you, our customers. Good quality towels can make a bit difference to our lives – when we work hard it’s great to come home to a little bit of luxury that doesn’t cost the earth but really makes our domestic environment a nice place to be.

Our range includes several luxury bath towels, and also extends to face cloths, hand towels and bath sheets. You wouldn’t want to provide a luxury bath towel to your guests and then make them dry their hands on the same towel, or slip on the bathroom floor now would you!

All of the luxury towels are in the 400-600 GSM range making them of a depth and quality that any establishment from 5 star hotels to health clubs would be happy to use. At this GSM they are more absorbent than many towels.

The colours in this collection are plain and uncomplicated, because it aids a classic look which accompanies luxury perfectly. Some selections though do have a subtle and delicate decoration, such as simple trims or diamonds. Some towels are rustic, light pastel colours such as blues, browns and pinks – while others are deep, rich colours in royal blues and reds. There is variation in design but consistency in the luxury nature of the products.

Our Royal Egyptian towels are always popular: 100% pure cotton and at 600 GSM of a perfect balance of absorbency and efficiency. They would make the pharaohs proud – but in our range of luxury plain towels are only one of several options that can give your bathroom a smidgen of a royal touch that make bathing and showering the luxurious experience they should be.


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