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Bath Sheet - Large Size

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Bath Sheet - Large Size

Bath Sheets 

Imagine stepping out of a nice warm bath and wrapping yourself with our luxurious, soft and fluffy bath sheet.

Our quality bath sheets are 100% premium, 100% luxury and 100% cotton. 
They are ultra absorbent and machine washable.
These sheets will last a long time providing you with the comfort you demand when it comes to leaving your skin clean and smooth.

At The Towel Shop we provide the best quality bath sheets keeping in mind great value for customers.

This is something that lies in the company’s heritage since we established in 1999, and in doing so have continued this more than a decade later.

All our bath sheets are expertly woven and manufactured; allowing us to be one of the top suppliers for this product.
They are perfect for hotels, holiday homes, gyms as well as households where these premium bath sheets would compliment and add the modern touch to any domestic home.

Our bath sheets can be bought individually or part of a collection to complete the look in your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Our bath sheets come in a variety of enticing designs and colours.
Check out our range of Bath Sheets - | 400 GSM Institutional | 500 GSM Institutional | 500 GSM Luxury Collection | 600 GSM Royal Egyptian Collection |

You can select from a wide variety of colours. 18 different varieties including: Navy Blue, Black, Dark Green, Camel, Dark Green, Pink and many more.
Allow yourself to enhance your towel batch, by combining colours, or contrasting them to match your bathroom.

The Towel Shop is the leading company at providing quality bath sheets as well as making sure it’s delivered to you with the greatest care.
We understand luxury and comfort makes a great difference to your skin, also helping to ex-foliate dirt and grime effectively than any regular towel / sheet.

All the bath sheets are Machine Washable. Wash deep / dark colours separately and are Tumble Dry-able. They are all 100 % cotton.

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Why not make it a complete set as the towels compliment each other so well.

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