Wholesale Bath Robes


The look of these luxury Wholesale bathrobes is shawl collar style with a belt and pockets. They are 100% cotton Terry Towelling Bathrobes – consisting of the best quality ring spun cotton. As such they have a delicate yet high quality feel and are wonderfully comfortable. Terry Towelling is a fabric weaved with long loops in order to make it more water absorbent. Longer loops create a greater surface area and this is the reason why more water can be absorbed.


Of course, while a bath robe is nice to use as a transition between bath and clothes, to ensure that we are completely dry and our skin is smooth before putting on clothes, they can be much more than that. In some ways, they seem like a bit of a thing of the past. The sort of thing you would see dashing 1940s movie stars emerging from a bathroom wearing, while jazz music played on a gramophone. But that should be their appeal – they have a classic quality that speaks old fashioned suave! What’s more there is something relaxing about those old movies, and about jazz music on a gramophone – and of course there is something relaxing about bathrobes, so they make a great combination!