Our mattress protectors work like fitted sheets so that they fit perfectly to the size of your bed. As with our non-protective fitted sheets, these mattress protectors suit any size of bed, including Super King Size. To ensure that all manner of beds is covered, the mattress protector range includes an Extra Deep Quilted Mattress Protector designed to fit up to a 16” mattress - a size which many people say they struggle to find suitable bedding for.

Our mattress protectors are quilted to ensure extra protection and also comfort. The protection that these products offer ensure not only a more visually pleasing bed and a happier sleep because the bed clothes feel fresh and new for longer, but also protection against serious damage to the mattress. Mattresses are of course very expensive, and so to protect them as much as possible is important.

Not only does a protected mattress last longer, it is more comfortable. A mattress protector adds extra comfort itself by being another layer to sleep on, plus it ensures that a mattress doesn’t become lumpy and misshapen as some can when they become worn or damaged. Despite the protective nature of the products they are machine washable, comfortable as well as practical, and make little noise (as some protective bedding can do).

Our mattress protectors have fire retardant and waterproof options. The waterproof protector has highly absorbent terry towelling – a very popular material which is woven with loops so as to be more absorbent of water and moisture. 100% PEVA waterproof backing ensures a highly efficient product, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that PEVA is more environmentally friendly than some other similar products.

The high quality of these products ensures that you won’t need to replace them, or the bedding and mattresses they protect, for a long time.