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Clearance Towels

Clearance Towels

Clearance Towels 

Our clearance towels includes the full range from luxury bath towels to bath sheets to face cloths and hand towels. They are all high quality towels, and the discount on these items is not related to a lack of quality. They are 100% cotton and are in the 400-500 GSM (grams per square metre) range, making them absorbent, soft, yet durable and efficient (they dry quickly).

As the colours are brighter and more fun than many towels - they are a good option for institutions who want to add a bit of colour to the place such as schools, nurseries, nursing homes or fitness centres that want to have a entertaining vibe. They are also a good idea for individuals at fitness centres who wonder which towel is theirs every time they come off the treadmill! In these the Pink Hand Towels and the Dark Green Hand Towels there will be no confusing which one is yours – although other people might pretend to think it’s theirs out of envy!

Institutions across the UK who need to buy towels in bulk will benefit from discounts such as these. Hairdressers might like to add these fun colours to their salon, and will definitely like the cost.

These towels can also be a good idea in the home, especially for kids or to be used by your pets. If the cats are always fighting over who gets the best sleeping towel near the window, these clearance towels are affordable enough to get a few extras and put an end to it!

Brightly coloured towels are not the only things in this range however – the selection of cheap towels includes Luxury Bath Towels. They are a classic cream colour from the Royal Egyptian collection and would add a touch of quality to your bathroom at a discounted price.

The Face Cloths are ideal for removing those last traces of make up or face wash from your skin. Weighing in at 480 GSM our face cloths are thick and comfortably heavy in your hands. They are quick drying so no time wasting and wash well. They are ideal for homes and institutions.

The Bath Sheets weighing in at 480 GSM are soft, strong and hard wearing. They are 100% cotton, machine washable, quick drying and excellent value for money. Only cream and pink colours left so you'll have to be quick as they won't last long at this price!!!

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