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Duvets & Pillow Protectors

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Duvets & Pillow Protectors

We provide high quality bedding, the best duvets to buy online, extra bed linen for the special touches, and institutional bedding to large organizations. After all our effort to provide great quality material, and your effort to equip and design your interiors, it would be a shame for an accident to spoil everything!

Our duvet and pillow protectors are multi-purpose. They protect against general everyday wear and tear which is inevitable – helping to make your bedding longer lasting and of brand new quality for longer. They also are waterproof and so guard against the most common cause of damage and spoiling of bedding – drink spillages. Finally, they are fire retardant, meaning that safety as well as longevity will be a feature of your duvets and pillows. Even with all this they are still machine washable.

Our duvet protectors are Poly propylene fabric. Poly propylene is a widely used substance in many areas of industry and the home. It is versatile and sturdy and is often used to protect carpets that get a lot of traffic across them, especially in public places such as offices, gymnasiums, or academic institutions. The melting point of Poly propylene is very high, so it can protect against damage from heat as well as general day-to-day wearing.

Our customers have said that these pillow and duvet protectors have made a big difference to their home because the regular problem of drinks being spilled (usually by children but not always!) has had a reduced impact on bedding. Perhaps you and your family could celebrate this new found freedom with a slumber party for the kids, which they always love, or maybe even for yourselves! A few friends together in pyjamas is always good fun, especially when nobody has to worry about drinks being spilled.