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Bring Hotel Design To Your Home

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The luxury feeling of a Hotel room can be hard to replicate once you return home from a holiday or short break, but recreating these designs is easier than you may think. The 5 hotel decor trends will be able to help you achieve the stylish and sophisticated hotel room designs that you loved so much when you were away.

In today's times, we are more accustomed to the idea of shared open spaces than secluded privacy, especially since the rise of private rental firms such as Airbnb which have helped to trigger the movement. This new community trend is giving an open feel to spaces, inviting a community aspect in your home is popular amongst millennials and is certainly something to consider when designing . 

Destinations such as Sketch London are setting the trend in the world of furniture, producing rounded furniture and accessories that are a refreshing addition to your home. Inspired by modern yet refined looks, these designs have been used by modern hotels to look smart and sophisticated in the modern era and now you can implement that in your own home. From bean shaped sofas too round chairs fit for two, sculpted furniture is a home essential if you’re looking for something a little more modern. 

Faux fur is now more popular than ever with the mass market, being used in cushions, throws, pillows and more bedding accessories, this trend of adding tactile texture to a room is taking off. Move from a “furry” accessory to a furry centre piece with the addition of fur. Your bedroom can easily incorporate fur, even just scattering a handful of fur pillows or a throw adds a different style and helps to change up the room. 

In terms of maximalism, there’s no such thing as overboard when it comes to matching prints and layers. Hotels are using maximalism to combine an array of fabrics and furniture to style Hotel interiors with eye catching trends and designs. Creating this look at home is easier than you may think, whether it is opting for a bold wallpaper on a feature wall, or try using the same fabric or pattern on drapery, upholstery and outdoor furniture.

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