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Summer Style: Colours For The Home

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Summer is here and it’s time to brighten up your home. Break out the colour and welcome in the warmer months with a fresh start and burst of new life. Spring has gone and it’s time to roll out the towel and prepare for Summer. Holidays, gardens, barbecues and outdoor time is all planned, but how can you get that Summer feeling inside your home?

Colour Choice

As you’ve probably already discovered, there is a vast amount of colours to choose from and getting the right one can be a bit of a nightmare. But it’s not as complicated as you might think. After All, you’re not re-designing your whole house, it’s just a bit of colour. The best colours to choose are the ones you expect to see throughout Summer, obvious right?

Yellows, Oranges and Pinks are always a fantastic place to start, and if they’re not quite your cup of tea, baby blues, and turquoise make for great additions to the home.

Invest in paint

Get the brushes out and start painting. It doesn’t have to be the whole house or a particular room, just a splash of colour in your chosen room to add a bit of life and colour to the place. Feature walls are an excellent addition to any room, and painting it in a bright, vibrant summer colour will give you that summer feel. You want to stand out, and what better way to do so than revitalizing a dreary wall with a fresh coat of vibrant paint. 

Find Furnishings

Comfort in the home is a big bonus, and if you’re a lover of soft furnishings and accessories, you can really kit out your home to reflect the summer vibes outside. With floral designs you’re always onto a winner, and incorporating that with the colours you’ve chosen on your walls, you can create a relaxing and cool room, fit for Summer, even it’s a little dreary outside. The use of furnishings can help complement your newly painted walls, and anything floral related goes down just right. Whether it's pillows for your living room, new bathroom linen or some fresh new bedding to give your bedroom that Summer vibe, there are plenty of accessories options to add to your home. 


Outside Inspiration

If you’re basing your designs on Summer, the your best source of inspiration is right outside your window. If the sun hits a certain spot in your house, find a way to utilize it, and incorporate appropriate colours to emphasise the season a little more. Even if you encounter a rainy day, you want it to still feel like summer, and using inspiration from outside, whether it be views, the trees or general Summer colours, you get create some great styles and designs. 

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