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5 simple tips to organising your bathroom - Especially when you have guests

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A bathroom renovation may be out of reach, or due to renting you might not be able to make the root and branch changes you wish, but with a few small changes, you can take your space from meh to wow with minimal effort.

A shower curtain – with a liner

It’s not enough to have a shower curtain – and a liner alone is a basic mistake. What you need is to combine the two, and in a perfect world a curtain that falls all the way to the floor for a more sophisticated look.

Don't forget: Replace your shower curtain liner every few months!

Luxury soap in a bottle

Nowadays you can get luxury soap in a bottle at the same price as a traditional bar. This little tip makes such a difference, as everybody knows that soap bars often get a bit icky, even if they're what's supposed to be cleaning us. It's a small step that makes a big difference. 

Step it up: Pair your hand wash with a moisturiser that all visitors will appreciate.

A set of hand towels for guests

Guests will appreciate the effort that goes in to having a set of hand towels in your bathroom. They don't have to be expensive, and you can find cheap, nice hand towels very easily. 

Go the extra mile: Get a stack of linen guest towels when throwing a dinner party – with a dedicated bin that you can easily throw in the wash the day after.

Enough storage to hide beauty products

Unless you use all your beauty products every single day, they don't have to stored in plain view in your bathroom. Just tidying up and taking an audit of what you have can smarten up your bathroom instantly. 

Here's a hint: Get a tray to keep a few luxury products for your guests: hand soap, moisturiser, perfume and fresh mints will be welcomed during a dinner party.

Towels that came in a matching set

If your towels each have a different colour or worse, texture, it may be time for an upgrade. Throw out all stained or old ratty towels once a year to keep everything fresh. Classic all-white towels are easy to bleach and even easier to replace – you’ll never have to worry about matching colours.

Top Tip: Complement your white towels with a set of navy, charcoal or black wash towels for removing makeup – and keep your whites white.

There you have it, 5 simple, easy tips that can help organise your bathroom, creating an atmosphere that your guests will love and will allow you to enjoy a blissful bathroom experience. 

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