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Kitchen Essentials

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We all want a stylish homely kitchen with all the modern accessories that makes life and cooking a lot easier. However it’s easy to forget that there are some kitchen essentials that we will always need.

Tea Towels

Found in every kitchen, these handy towels are perfect for everything. Whether it's a make shift oven glove, drying the dishes or a counter-top resident, they always come in handy. Our wide range of tea towels ensure there’s a style for every kitchen. Made from 100% Cotton, their super absorbent properties make them perfect for cleaning up any counter top spills and drying the dishes. Cotton can absorb up to 25x it’s own weight in water, meaning you’ll be able to dry off quite a few dishes before even thinking of switching towels. Tea towel designs come in a variety designs, and our Big Check and Small Check are no different, neither are the colours they come in, with plenty of choice to match your kitchen style. Manufactured via the ring spun method, it ensures the Cotton within the towels become stronger and softer making it perfect for the robust usage that the towels go through in the kitchen.

Our Woven Cotton Tea towels feel a little different than our Ring Spun Cotton range and provide a durable, long lasting essential for any kitchen. For the more industrious, Woven Cotton is an excellent choice, used in restaurants and catering, they are a tried and tested tea towel that is an industry favorite. For something with a little more luxury, our Herringbone Kitchen Cloths are a stylish alternative to the standard and traditional tea towel. Made from 100% pure Cotton, these high quality Herringbone cloths are super absorbent and designed with style, fit for any luxury kitchen. 

Cleaning Cloths

Keeping a clean and tidy kitchen is essential. It is not only important for hygiene reasons,but looks great when you know your kitchen has been cleansed. Our Yellow Dusters can be utilized for all manner of cleaning requirements, from kitchen counter-tops to windows. Available in traditional Duster yellow, they are extremely handy to have lying around the kitchen, and can be utilized elsewhere around the house. 

Clean Sleeping

We all love jumping on the latests health trends that are going to benefit us, especially if our favourite celebs are doing it aswell. But more often than not, it’s a simple fad that fades after a few weeks and doesn’t directly benefit yourself in the long term. However there is one trend that [...]

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Odour Free Towels

It’s never nice when your towels begin to muster up an odour because they’ve been damp for too long. You want your towels to be refreshing and smelling great, not like a wet dog. To keep your towels fresh and get rid of any unwanted smells, it is surprisingly a lot easier to eliminate odours [...]

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University Room Essentials

Another academic year begins and with it comes the chaotic process of moving out of home and into University dormitories, gaining independance and letting go of the comforts of home. Even on campus, you’ve an opportunity to make your little room your own personal space, complete with everything that reminds you of home. However being [...]

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Back To School Snacks

School is back and so is the daily routine and with it comes the need to prep for your little ones when they return home. They’ll be In need of a pick me up after a long day in school, but dinner isn’t quite ready yet. With these healthy snack ideas, your children can be [...]

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Pamper Yourself At Home

This year treat yourself to home luxury by pampering yourself with some of the most beneficial products to make you feel revitalized and relaxed at home.  Absorbent Robe To start off a relaxing pampering session, nothing says home spa like a stylish lightweight robe that gives you the spa feeling in your own bathroom. Our lightweight and [...]

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Top 10 Pinterest Accounts For Bedroom Inspiration

With the help of these stylish Pinterest accounts, you’ll be inundated with creative ideas on how to style your bedroom. The changing seasons bring with it an opportunity for a fresh change in your home as well, so take some inspiration from some of these smart and trendy designs to fill your home with. IND|| BedroomsSimple [...]

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Keep Out The Light

Lighter nights and longer mornings mean the Sun shines for longer, meaning your peaceful lie in is being disturbed by fragments of light working their way into your room lighting it up like a disco ball. Not only is this the last thing you want when trying to steal a few extra minutes, but it’s [...]

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A-Z: The Ultimate Guide To Fabrics

The world of textiles has an insane amount of fabrics available that are used across all industries and throughout thousands of products. With so many products available, it’s good to have a little bit of an understanding as to what they are. There are that many fabrics that are commercially available there’s one for nearly [...]

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Choose Cotton This Summer

This Summer prepare for the warmer weeks ahead by investing in Cotton. It is the most in demand textile in the world, used by millions globally, its popularity is unrivaled. So why is Cotton so highly regarded among the world of textiles, especially during the Summer months, where most materials struggle to deal with the [...]

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