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Big Summer Sale

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Kick start your red hot Summer with massive savings on some of our hottest items

Warmer days and lighter night can only mean one thing. Summer is well and truly here and with it comes an overhaul of new wardrobes and new bedding to help you combat the heat. Our Summer range is designed to help you cope in the heat whilst still continuing to feel luxurious and comfy at the same time. 

Lightweight Duvets

When the Summer nights are getting warmer and warmer, you’ll be wanting a lightweight and breathable duvet that doesn’t build up heat throughout the night. Our Range of 4.5 Tog duvets offer something for everyone, providing total comfort for a great night's sleep.

With so many choices of duvet available, it can be hard to determine which one is best for your needs. If you are unsure, then our duvet buying guide will be able to provide you with all the information you need to help make your choice.

Sleep Easy With These Summer Sales:

4.5 Tog Hollowfibre Duvet | 4.5 Tog Bounce Back Duvet4.5 Tog Anti Allergy Duvet4.5 Tog Easy Care Duvet

Beach Towels

Roll out your towel and enjoy relaxing on top of golden sands, as you embrace the Summer sun on the beach. Our super luxurious beach towels provide all the comfort and style you need to look great on the beach. Make other beach goers envious as you roll out your new towel, sit back and soak in the sun. Sunbathing just got luxurious. 

Kimono Robes

Feel like you are at a luxurious spa in your own home with our lightweight and comforting Kimono robes. Style yourself with a 100% Cotton robe that is perfect for Summer chillin. Long lasting and easily washable, our kimono robes will keep you looking and feeling fresh Summer after Summer.

Thermal Blankets

Our 100% Cotton thermal blankets are perfect for Summer comfort. Cotton’s natural properties make the blanket lightweight and breathable, absorbing sweat unlike other materials which hold and store heat. Cotton is renowned for helping your skin breathe, making it the perfect material to make a thermal blanket out of. Sleep cool this Summer with a comforting thermal blanket.

Blackout Curtains

With Summer here, the early rising Sun can disrupt your well deserved lie in and wake you from your peaceful slumber. With our blackout curtains you can block out the Summer sun completely and enjoy resting in bed that little bit longer. One of the main features of our new blackout curtains are their ability to control room temperature in the room because of the thermal insulation properties built into the polyester. 


Rest easy at night with our range of comforting pillows that will help you drift off with ease. Our variety of pillows are there to please everybody, with specialist pillows designed to support you during sleep and pillows to help combat allergies when the Summer pollen count hits a high.

Rest Easy With These Pillows:

Anti Allergy PillowsLuxury Hollowfibre PillowsEasy Care PillowsBounce Back Pillows

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