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You’re Buying The Wrong Bed Sheets And This Is Why

Posted by Connor on 18th Apr 2017

There is nothing worse than getting your new bedsheets, putting them on and realising that the corners keep popping off because you’re new sheet is a little too small. Having to reach into the corners of your mattress with precision, being careful not to undo the sheet at the other end can be a strenuous task. But buying a bigger sheet isn’t always the answer. Too big and you’re left with excess material that can be uncomfortable when sleeping and look messy. You want your new sheets to fit perfectly with a smooth finish and to not come undone once you’ve fitted them.

The four main bed sizes in the UK are;

Immediately you’ll know what size to pick. That’s pretty obvious, but how do you know whether or not your sheets going to pop off the corner and force you to remake your bed.

The industry size of standard mattress depth is 7 inches. However, mattresses have gotten a lot deeper in the last decade or so. The popularity of the pillow top mattress has led to depths up to 24 inches, not including the box spring.

With the standard 7” mattress being one of the more popular choices among homes, our 12” fitted sheets provide enough coverage to wrap comfortably around the corners of the bed and secured firmly in place. Made from 100% Cotton, our 12” fitted sheets are manufactured to the highest quality, providing a soft and comfortable sensation on the skin.

Extra Deep Sheets

If you’ve got a mattress you need to use a step ladder to climb onto, then you’ll definitely be in need of a deeper size sheet to ensure your new sheets fit perfectly. We offer deep 16” Fitted Sheets in a variety of colours that are perfect for those with a larger depth mattress.

All of our fitted sheets, both 12” & 16” are available in all standard UK bed sizes and can be specially manufactured if in particular needs arise.

It is best to buy your fitted sheet or mattress protector at least 2 - 3 inch (8cm) deeper than your mattress to allow for a good tuck in and avoid the common problem of your sheets coming off in the night. With our range of deep sheets, you’ll easily be able to find the one thats perfect for your bed.