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7 Golden Rules of Toweltiquette (Towel Etiquette) – Be the Perfect Guest

Posted by Adam on 19th Mar 2014

We all have our own little quirks and routines that make us unique, and it's these that can make us a little skeptical about visiting friends family, or staying somewhere completely new. It’s not familiar, neither is the routine. Sometimes you’ll find yourself purposefully avoiding something because it doesn't “fit in” with what you are used to. But over the years, you begin to adapt and change, as does your routine, and when it comes to towel etiquette, new rules are becoming more socially acceptable.

A few routine rules used in towel etiquette have been put into practice in both the home and for Hotels. Whether you’re a guest or a host, these seven golden towel etiquette rules are the perfect guide to help with toweltiquette.

#1 - For The Host

If you are a host, providing luxury hand towels and bath towels for your guest are essential if you want to leave a lasting impression. If you have guests staying over, there's a few places you can leave the towels so they are easily accessible. Leave them on the side next to the sink, after all, towels are made for the bathroom. If not, try placing them in your guests room on the bed. However, sometimes you’ll encounter guests that require their own towels due to skin sensibilities, and it is completely acceptable for them to bring their own, it means less washing for you!

#2 - For Guests

It’s always a good idea to respect the establishment where your host is accommodating you. Towels hanging up in the bathroom are traditionally bath towels and shouldn’t be used to wipe your hands on. Check for a hand towel that is typically next to the sink, or ask your host for a hand towel, they’ll be more than happy to help.

#3 - Be Careful Of Show Towels

Sometimes, bathrooms like to show off by showcasing towels that are not meant for general use. You’ll be able to distinguish the show towels from the more traditional towels as they tend to be more design heavy and are stacked in a particularly neat style. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between the two, so if you are ever unsure on what towels you can and can’t use, your host won’t be far away and will be able to clarify which ones are best to use.

#4 - Wet Towels

After your bath or shower and you’ve dried off, be sure to put your wet towels in the hamper or basket. The last thing you want is the wet smell of towels forming in your room. If the facilities are there, you may be required to wash your own towels, but for a more personal approach, your host may prefer to do the laundry for you. If this is the case and you have requirements as to how your towel should be washed, your host will be able to accommodate your request.

#5 - Do Not Pull Out Towels That Have Been Stacked

Sometimes hosts like to stack towels as a form of decoration (and as showpieces) and the last thing you want is to remove one from the stack for it to all topple over and make a mess. If the towels are appropriate for use and are stacked, take from the top and work your way down. Sometimes your hosts like to get creative with their towels by making towel animals and quirky designs. Sometimes these are used only for decoration but can be used. Make sure to check with your host first.

#6 - Opt For Paper Towels If Given A Choice

If you have a choice of guest towels and paper towels, always use the paper towels to be on the safer side. Paper towels are much more hygienic, easily accessible and involve much less laundry time for the host. When using paper towels, make sure to discard them correctly instead of leaving them lying by the sink.

#7 - Fingertip Towel Etiquette

Fingertip towels are small towels that are folded and found next to the sink or in the guests bedroom. Often, hosts will leave a pin note with the towels to indicate that they are for general use by guests. They are a convenient item to have in the bathroom, especially if a quick hand wash is needed.

Using these toweltiqette rules, you can ensure you are a welcome guest or a courteous host no matter where you are.

Now it’s your turn. What other rules of towel etiquette have you encountered or follow? Get in touch on our Facebook page and let us know what toweltiquette you follow. We'd love to hear from you!