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Hotel / Institutional Towels

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Hotel / Institutional Towels

Hotel / Institutional Towels 

We provide hotel / institutional towels to a variety of large institutions such as hospitals, hotels, prisons, schools and offices. The functioning of such institutions, as anybody involved in such industries knows, is a huge operation. This is a process which can be made easier by simple, high quality products.

Towels for hotels usually come in white because it is classic, luxury and also displays honesty to guests – it proves there’s no hiding behind dark colours! Other institutions also like white because again it lends itself to clarity about hygiene - of course this is especially important in hospitals. Other institutions will like the uniformity that it brings - a subtle touch in the unity that pulls an organization together.

Our range of hotel and institutional towels is white or cream in colour. They are 400-500 GSM (grams per square metre) putting them in the middle of the GSM range for all towels and making them pleasant and absorbent yet also durable. To add to their durability, they are Ring Spun. This kind of production, as opposed to Open End, ensures a towel that can stand frequent use over a long period of time. They are available in bulk and wholesale.

White towels are also often used by more luxury places such as gyms, spas and health centres. These kinds of places like to match their hand towels, bath towels and face cloths to give their customers a pleasant and reliable experience (just like we do!).

We have the full range of towels in our institutional range so whether you are after the 400 gsm or the 500 gsm you can have the full set.

400 GSM Institutional
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500 GSM Institutional
| Face Cloths | Hand Towels | Bath Towels | Bath Sheets |

For fact fans: The National Health Service in the UK is often said to be the third biggest employer in the world, although actually it is the fifth (still pretty impressive). No matter whether third or fifth, any employer who makes it into the top ten in the world is going to get through a lot of towels! The biggest in the world is the US defence department (no doubt they use a lot of towels too).

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